1. Woodcarving in the workshop

  2. roamingprospects:

    The hills behind the dunes were coated in a thick layer of morning mist, it was around 6am. The camp was silent apart from the sound of the mornings waves breaking onto the beach below, I went out in search of a good place to grab a coffee and breakfast. 2hrs of wandering around taking in the mornings atmosphere and i realised i was up way too early for this sleepy beach town. The only people i crossed paths with were dog walkers and a couple of early bird surfers catching a few waves before the 9-5.

    In need of some of this

  3. King Alfred’s woodland

  4. Last summer I spent a month around Devon and Cornwall and was shown this cove by some friends. We all fell asleep under the mid day scorch after exploring caves and cliff diving, only to wake up looking like lobsters four hours later.

  5. Days are shortening time to think about stocking up the log pile.

  6. isboatananimal:

    Have you ever thought ‘what if we had turned left instead of right?’ As we drove away from the home of Franz and Alfreida Reinhard Brasen, we were buzzing that a single change in our day’s decisions may have meant we never found these two incredible people. 

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    Buddies Sophie and Theo have set out exploring Europe in their old vw Vanderson. Documenting the journey with stunning photos as they go definitely well worth checking out!

  7. Back in June I spent a week in the south of Portugal kicking back exploring their beautiful coastline and consuming ungodly amounts of fresh sea food.

  8. Mum tending to her veg garden at the start of summer

  9. seasonal opening hours

  10. first scans from old 35mm films, taken last winter along the jurassic coast in Dorset.

  11. before shit got stormy

  13. beach food

  14. fire night on the dunes

  15. went camping with these two fools at the weekend